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How I Brightened My Smile At Home With Smile Brilliant | AD

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Teeth Whitening & Me

When I was younger, teeth whitening was ALL the rage. Naturally, I ran out and begged my mom to pick me up some whitening strips. I don’t know about you, but they never really worked for me. They were difficult to apply, usually slipped off of my teeth, and I never saw a difference. Not to mention the tooth sensitivity that would come as a result of using them. I was pretty scared to try anything that was meant to whiten teeth again.

Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant reached out to me a while ago about using their at home teeth whitening system. They were actually a brand I had seen a lot, and was always interested in them. They are professional whitening kits that you can use at home. Unlike the traditional whitening strips, these are trays that are molded to your teeth! This allows for an incredibly deep stain removing process that literally changes your teeth. I’m so happy to say that I saw results after the first day, and I have continued to see results as I continue to use the trays.

I haven’t had any issues with sensitivity while using Smile Brilliant, but the kit does come with a desensitizing gel that will help with any discomfort you may experience. It is quite the feeling the first time, but is incredibly comfortable to wear. I always use mine while I am doing work at home, and it just makes teeth whitening so easy! Not to mention, having a brighter smile definitely gives me more confidence!

Smile Brilliant

Here’s how Smile Brilliant works!

You will answer a few questions about your dental health before your kit is sent out to you. Once you receive your Smile Brilliant kit, you’re going to create molds of your teeth. The instructions are incredibly easy, so have no fear! Once your molds are complete, you’ll send them back to get your custom trays made. After a few days, your trays will arrive, and this is when the fun begins. Before you use your trays, make sure to brush your teeth with regular water, not toothpaste, and dry them as well as you can. This helps the gel stick better, and really get to work.

Smile Brilliant

Take 1/3 of the whitening gel provided by Smile Brilliant, and place it into the trays. It is important that you don’t overfill them at this point. Once your gel is applied, simply pop it into your mouth, and wait 45 minutes to 3 hours for the gel to get in there and remove stains from years past. This is by far the best teeth whitening kit that I have ever used, and is something that need to be in everyone’s cabinet!

A special gift for you

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