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3 Reasons to stop blogging to make money!

Blogging seems to be a “get rich quick” scheme

I hate to inform you, but this is the furthest thing from the truth! I can honestly say that I have spent more money on my blog than I have ever made off of it. There is a saying that says you have to spend money in order to make money. That should be the slogan of blogging as a whole! My blog is a passion of mine, and something that I am really proud of. Everything that you see here is something that I created, and something that I’m more than happy to share!

Don’t get me wrong, you can easily make money off of your blog. Some bloggers can even make it within their first few months, and that is amazing. What I’m saying is that you don’t need to start your blog expecting to make a profit. There are many more things that you need to focus on before you ever think about monetization.

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1. Focus on the quality and value you are providing

If you are not creating quality content, it is going to be difficult to get anyone to your blog. Time is money, and no one likes to feel like theirs is wasted. I’ve talked about the importance of providing more than just beautiful photos to your readers, and right now, that has never been more true. In an age of buying the clout we want is just a click away, you need to start setting yourself apart.

When I write something for my blog, I ask myself if it is something that I would read. If it is not a blog post that I would stop and read, then it goes in the waste basket. If you are creating interesting content, then you will be able to watch yourself grow. Good things always come to those who wait, right? Although you might think you’re amazing, others have to think that as well.

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2. Build your community up before you can make money

Want to know a secret? You’ll never get anywhere without support. Making money seems cool, but what seems better is creating relationships that will take you much further than that. I’ve met some amazing people through blogging, and it has been such a pleasure to watch them grow. For me, my biggest focus has been creating more engagement between those who matter the most, you! Not only have I been focusing heavily on my Instagram engagement, but I created something for you as well!

Blog Babe Collective is more than just a subscription to my blog. It is a way for us to connect, grow, and build a relationship. One of my favorite topics to share on the blog is what I’ve learned through blogging. It is also completely free for you to join! This is only the beginning, so get on board now! You’ll gain access to all of my blogging related content, and so much more! Additionally, if you don’t have some sort of community, then no one is going to listen to your recommendations anyway!

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3. You need to be authentic

I know that I’ve talked about providing value and building relationships, but there is a major reason for all of that. Being authentic is the most important skill you can possess as a blogger. I know that it seems silly, but there is quite an epidemic in the blogging community right now. Personally, I didn’t start blogging to make money at all. It was a creative outlet for me, and that is still what I consider my blog today. As much as you think a blogger’s life is glamorous…you would be surprised!

My blogging style has definitely changed over the years (thank goodness), but one thing remains the same. The reason I blog is honestly just to share everything I know with you! After all, I learned everything I know from bloggers when I was starting out, so why not share that knowledge? Blogging has actually lead me to a career decision that I was not expecting. Digital marketing is essentially my full-time job now, and has led to me advanced education degrees as well! You really never know where blogging will take you!

Are you part of the Blog Babe Collective?

What is your reason for blogging?


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