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The truth about responsible blogging

What blogging made me become

When I look back on myself as I child, I was kind of a hoarder of sorts. I couldn’t throw anything away because you never knew when I would need it again. During college, that actually changed quite a bit. Struggling just to eat when I got home at night made me quite humble. When I moved back from school, I literally had a car load of things, and that is it! As in to my name, that’s all that I had! Once I began blogging, I felt the need to just gather things up. Even though I don’t scrapbook, I have a folder of scrapbook paper. The amount of perfumes that I currently own has more than doubled in the most recent years.

As a blogger, I feel like I have to have things for photos. There is literally a box of things in my office that is strictly for blog photos, and it actually has no other purpose. Which leads me to ask, is this responsible blogging? Is keeping things that don’t serve more than one purpose a useful item? Ethically speaking, definitely not. Bloggers are at times some of the worst when it comes to having an excess of items. When does it cross the line of supplies for your job, and becoming a hoarder?

responsible blogging

Responsible blogging is about more than excess

When I refer to excess, I’m referring to an excess of product. It can be beauty products, fashion items, or even the amount of spatulas in your kitchen. After all, how many spatuals do you actually need?! Another form of excess in the blogging world is living an excessive life. It seems like bloggers have come under scrutiny for living a life that is unrealistic. While I can see the issue in that, does anyone really wake up surrounded by balloons, or have a desk that is always clean? To me, responsible blogging is being authentic as a creator. There is nothing perfect about my life, and sometimes it really stresses me out.

Most of us have dealt with those feelings of being not good enough, not skinny enough, or just not as successful as we think we should be. In my opinion, this is something that leads to excessiveness in blogging. You think the more you show out, the more people will respond. If you have been blogging or creating for a while, then I think you know that life doesn’t work like that. After all, the whole aspect of influencing is almost an epidemic at this point. More influencers are popping up, but are they actually being ethically, legally, and socially responsible?

responsible blogging

Steps I’m taking to be a more responsible blogger

In recent years, thankfully, the FTC has been cracking down on the issue of sponosred content. As a creator, I can pretty much tell immediately when a post is sponsored. Even my favorite creators can post something as an ad, but does that make them less of a person? The reality is that we spend hours creating images, editing images, writing content, and recording video. It is a job. I do the exact same things in my job that I do for my blog and social media. When I do sponsored content, it is something that I always disclose. As most bloggers state, I don’t promote anything I don’t actually use, love, or enjoy.

Being realistic about life is also something that I am working on as well. Using Instagram Stories to show what I’m doing behind the scenes is actually really fun! I’ve also been kind of obsessed with seeing the real life of my favorite bloggers and creators. In a weird way, it kind of takes the glamour out of the industry. One of the biggest steps that I’m taking towards responsible blogging is taking a literaly inventory of what I actually own. I’ve been digging through my closet to donate items I’m not using. If it is not something that I need, love, or will use, I’m not buying it. Reducing the amount of waste that I actually am producing is something that I am becoming more and more aware of.

Responsible blogging is so much more

When you are writing content for a blog, there are a lot of legal aspects. If you are providing information, that needs to be factual. Even though you probably have a privacy policy and a disclosure statement, you’ve got to do research! Would you write an essay without doing some reearch? Then you shouldn’t be publishing content either. Lastly, copyright laws! Since I work in marketing, and have studied it for years, that is something that we deal with all of the time. With blogging, it is important to know the copyright laws in the country that you live in, and in the media that you work in as well. I recently read this legal guide for bloggers from Process, and it really covers a lot of information!

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  1. November 3, 2018 / 6:09 pm

    I have always been a shopaholic but this year I have tried to slow down a little. I am also looking at the link you shared. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin
      November 3, 2018 / 6:17 pm

      Same girl, I need to be smarter about my purchases!

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